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At Between the Lines Storage Solutions in Big Rapids & Lake City, MI, we have quality custom structures for sale at prices our clients can afford. Whether you need space to store your gardening tools or a new, comfortable living space, you can count on us to deliver a sturdy and stylish build that suits your needs. We take great pride in our top-tier craftsmanship, flexible customization and fast turnaround times. With the help of our tiny home, cabin and shed builders, you can get the perfect structure for your property.

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We're much more than just shed builders. Our team has years of experience creating custom storage spaces, living spaces and more for our valued clients. If you want to improve your property with a long-lasting structure, look to us for help today.
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You'll be glad to know that we offer various financing options for our custom sheds, garages and tiny homes for sale in Big Rapids, MI. You can choose to pay within 90 days with no interest or pay in installments and rent to own.

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